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Brewing to make your day perfect

WELCOME to Coffeesantea


We believe that everyone should have a cup of delicious drink be it coffee or Tea to kick-start your Mornings


We are here to deliver it


No matter what your aspirations may be: healthy drink, detoxing, energizing, or simply calming your system.


Our cup of Delicious Coffees and Teas will deliver your desire.


Thank you for Joining us

Want a Cup?

Coffeesantea is an online coffee and tea business dedicated to providing you with the finest quality tea and coffee to meet your needs.

Our products are sourced from businesses that practice sustainability and fair trade. We procure the finest quality raw materials for our Coffee Beans and Green Tea. 


At coffeesantea, we are not just selling a product called coffee and tea but we are also committed to encouraging you to be the best that you can be.

We commit to you that for every time you buy any of our products, we will send you a note to encourage you to be the best. If you are discouraged or unhappy, know that we are here thinking of the best ways to help lift you up.

It is our mission to not only help you get the best out of your morning joy but to motivate you to go out and win.


At coffeesantea, we believe in lifting and encouraging people around the world one cup at a time.




Our coffee bean is hand-picked and processed with the best

coffee roaster available.


Because we want to offer you the best of your coffee flavors we offer a well roasted and carefully selected coffee bean both whole and ground to meet your needs.


Our range of coffee bean includes single origin coffee like Ethiopian coffee, Colombian coffee, Hawaiin coffee and mostly made from Arabica coffee bean. We also have specialty ground coffee with hazelnut flavors.


On our list of accessories are also the portable coffee maker, double walled glass mugs, espresso machine, tea infusers and drip coffee maker.





Our teas are sourced from farms that practice sustainability and grown with a careful and tender nurturing to bring out the best taste in Tea.

We offer a variety of green tea aimed at meeting different needs from weight loss to health needs to general well being of the Body.

Our range of Teas includes oolong tea, Chinese Tea, Jasmine Tea.


We are currently stocking green teas to help you tap into the huge benefits of Green Teas



Our business is purely an online business so we can be reached from anywhere around the world. All our products are produced and packaged in the United States, Canada, and UK.