Frequently asked questions

When is my coffee roasted?

We always roast to order, meaning that we only roast your coffee when you order it, this is to ensure that you get your coffee as freshly roasted as possible. Your roast date will always be written on your coffee pack when it arrives.

Where is my coffee roosted?

Your coffee is roasted in our roasting facilities in Sittingbourne Kent United Kingdom

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Your order goes out within 3 business days after your order is confirmed.

How will I track my order?

Once we receive your order and process it, we will send you an email including your tracking details in it. We will also keep in touch with you to ensure that you receive your orders.

How long does it take for my orders to reach me?

If you are within the UK, your order will arrive within 5 business days for coffee beans products only, for coffee accessories, it will be take 20-25 business days for it to arrive. For orders from the US and other international locations, its specific shipping duration is as written in each product page

How do I get my refunds if I do not like the product?

If our product does not meet your taste or it has a fault, we will refund the amount paid by issuing a coupon code that you can use in your next purchase for coffee beans only. For the coffee accessories, we will accept a return so long as you prove that it arrived damaged and you are willing to pay for the cost of return or you can negotiate a refund.

All complaints must be place within 7 days of receipt of product. Complaints after the 7 days will not be entertained.

How do I place an order?

To place an order simply click on the product and it will take you to the product page where you can click add to cart. The bag icon represents your purchase and will always show the number of items you have purchased

How do I check out?

You check out after all your purchases by clicking either the checkout button or the PayPal button which will take you to the payment page. On the payment page, you either pay with PayPal or you pay with credit card.

To pay with Credit card please use the checkout button.

To pay with PayPal please use the PayPal button

What type of Payments do you accept?

We accept


Credit cards ( All credit cards MasterCard, Visa, discover)- Use the checkout button to get to the credit card option.

What has encouragement got to do with my coffee purchase?

Our company is committed to encouraging you to succeed and be the best in whatever you do, so we always send you encouragement materials( quotes, podcasts, and workbooks) as a thank you token for buying from us.

If you do not need them please indicate by leaving a note for us or using the contact form.

Do I need to pay for this encouragement quotes?

No it’s free of charge, call it your added value and you won’t be wrong.

I have further questions not covered here

Please send us an email: elizabeth.uchealor@thehomebusinessowner.com

I want larger quatities of your coffee and Tea Products

Please send us an email: elizabeth.uchealor@thehomebusinessowner.com